Today is the day.

American Woman by Ali LeRoi

Today is when we will see both the beautiful and the ugly in our American democracy of 2021.

First, the beautiful: Georgia has elected two new Senators. This is what happens when everyday people believe that their lives can be better, who organize their communities, who then vote and that vote is counted.

Next comes the ugly: Congress will certify the Presidential election. The roll call of Trumplicans subverting democracy is what happens when power is the only value that guides your actions, when abuse of power goes unpunished, and when you act to overturn the people’s vote.

Georgia is the politics of hope and the American promise made real. Trumpism is the politics of deceit and the cynical plundering of America’s treasure.

Goodbye, Donald Trump.
Thank you, Stacey Abrams.
2021 is bending in the right direction.